Project Description

Location: Eastern Nevada

K2 Environmental LLC provided a full-time environmental field team to support Sturgeon Electric Company during construction of 235 miles of 500kV electric transmission line in eastern Nevada. K2 was responsible for ensuring Sturgeon met all their environmental requirements as set forth in the project permits and documents, particularly the Construction, Operation and Maintenance Plan. K2 was also responsible for developing all required plans and submittals related to environmental issues; these included the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, the Hazardous Materials Management Plan, the Emergency Response Plan, Blasting Plan and Dust Control Plan. In addition, K2 was responsible for the development of all deviation submittals required for changes to the project. Deviation submittals included the submittal of the completed form, maps depicting the change and associated Geographic Information System (GIS) shapefiles and metadata. K2 was also been responsible for mapping all project facilities including work areas, access roads and construction yards.